Online ADHD treatment

Is it possible to get ADHD medication over the internet?

Stimulants (such as Ritalin and Dexedrine) are useful in the treatment of ADHD/ADD, however they are regulated medications that cannot be administered over the internet. Strattera, clonidine, and other non-controlled medicines that can be prescribed online are examples of other pharmaceuticals.

Someone who feels they have ADHD can be diagnosed by a fast consultation with a clinician online through sites like Klarity and Done for a one-time diagnosis charge (prices vary, but most sites stay around the $150 to $200 mark), and offered medication or counseling, depending on the site.

Then, by checking in with a provider every month or so, customers can pay a lower monthly charge to maintain their ADHD medication prescription. Availability and insurance coverage differ by state: Done claims that the company doesn't accept insurance for provider visits, whilst Klarity claims that it isn't in-network with any doctors but will assist you in being reimbursed.

ADHD Online, a different online testing facility, does not require a video consultation with a provider. Patients instead do a self-assessment that may be completed at home, which is then examined by a doctorate-level psychologist who will determine whether or not they have ADHD. The assessment is offered in all 50 states, but treatment options differ depending on where you live. According to ADHD Online, medication management will be available "very shortly."

These services are significantly faster (and maybe cheaper and easier to acquire) than the usual methods of referral, diagnosis, and testing, thus they are good options for those who actually have ADHD. If left untreated, ADHD can lead to a slew of additional issues, including substance abuse, depression and anxiety, as well as issues with relationships and job.

Cerebral is another website that provides quick ADHD diagnosis and therapy, as well as treatment for other mental health issues such as sadness and anxiety. Customers can take a test to see if they have a problem and then create a treatment plan that includes medicine, therapy, or both. While the monthly out-of-pocket costs may be greater (you may be allowed to use your insurance), it's a more complete approach for someone who has never been diagnosed with a mental health problem. Prescriptions are available in all 50 states, however treatment differs depending on where you live.

But, according to Ambrose, having just one telemedicine consultation or evaluation to classify someone with ADHD is "atypical" for a standard of treatment. Providers will meet with patients in a clinical diagnostic to examine their family history, watch their nonverbal cues, and be regulated for standard of care procedures — which may not be fully formed in a small one-time telemedicine session.

While Hafeez is "skeptical" of the accuracy of diagnosing someone online (a issue we'll discuss further below), she recognizes the rising demand for mental health treatment and views fast diagnostic sites as "preliminary" steps that can assist set someone up for a more thorough evaluation.

She claims that a single ADHD assessment is insufficient. "We're not accounting for all of the comorbidities that can masquerade as ADHD."