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New Hope Media in New York, NY, publishes and distributes ADDitude Magazine, a quarterly consumer journal about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It has articles about ADD, ADHD, and learning disorders including dyslexia, as well as feature and service pieces.

Adults with ADHD now have access to a plethora of useful smartphone apps! Today, I'll highlight a few that are extremely beneficial.

Apps can assist with some of the most common challenges associated with adult ADHD, such as multitasking, sustained focus, planning, and organization. Even while these apps aren't a replacement for medication or therapy, and smart phones can be a "den of iniquity" when it comes to managing distractions and staying focused, they need some attention.

Epic Win (iPhone) and Task Hammer (Android) are two apps that assist users organize and complete tasks and to-do lists using a role-playing adventure game method. As you perform objectives, your character gains experience and progresses through the levels.

Remember the Milk (iPhone and Android) — This app allows you to organize your grocery list, as well as add and finish additional tasks and sync with an online version.

(Android) Rescue Time – This program, like the others, assists you in setting priorities and managing your time, but it also generates reports on how you spend your time! There it is, the cold, hard data, right in front of your eyes.

Nag (iPhone and Android) – The name is pretty self-explanatory. Some reviewers have compared it to a glorified timer, but with further reminders until you answer the reminder alarm. It's also enticing because it's so straightforward!

(iPhone and Android) You Need A Budget (YNAB) – This software differs from the others in that it assists with money management and impulse purchases, both of which are common issues for adults with ADHD. The app gives features to help people get out of debt and better manage their money and expenses. (iPhone and Android) or Lift (iPhone and Android) – It's not the same as Lyft. is the new name for Lift. In either case, the app aids in the implementation and tracking of healthy personal habits, such as offering resources for exercising, eating well, and so on. It also keeps track of your progress toward your personal objectives.

So these are a handful that I'm aware of that can assist adults with ADHD in simplifying their lives.