ADHD coach near me

Finding the ideal ADHD coach for you and your family can be done in a variety of ways. One option is to contact the ACO, which is an international member organization that provides information for those looking for a coach as well as those interested in becoming one.

The first step. Because coaching is a collaborative effort, it's critical to choose the correct coach for the job. Before contacting potential instructors, ask yourself the following questions to help you figure out what to look for in a coach:

Is it critical that my coaching sessions take place in person? If this is the case, seek for a bus that is close by and offers this as part of a service package. Many coaches perform the initial session in person and then follow up with weekly phone, text, and/or e-mail check-ins.

Do I prefer a man or a woman to coach me?

Would I benefit from a coach who has a background in areas related to my concerns, such as business, academia, parenting, gender issues, and so on, in addition to the coach's expertise of ADHD?

Is it possible that I'm seeking for someone with experience in a certain field, such as organizational or family issues?

Is it better to hire someone with a lot of energy or someone who is more subtle?

Is it necessary to have a good sense of humor? Is it possible that a more serious person might be a better match?

Is it true that I suffer from anxiety and depression? If that's the case, is coaching right for me, and am I getting help for these problems?

Step two: Make a list of possible coaches who have had ADHD coaching training. Use the websites given in the resource section below to identify potential coaches. You can also go out to your local CHADD chapter or local medical, mental health, or educational specialists to see if they know of any credible ADHD coaches in your region. Then spend some time researching them by going to their websites (if they have one) and interviewing them with the following types of questions:

What is your educational background, and what subjects did you major in?

What is your experience as a coach?

What is your approach to working with ADHD kids, college students, and adults?

How many ADHD clients have you coached?

Have you had any formal coaching training? Was there any form of certification or accreditation involved?

Have you had any specific ADHD coaching training?

Do you have any previous experience working with college students, employment concerns, or relationship problems? (Depending on your requirements)

Have you attended any coach training courses or conferences? Were they particular to ADHD?

Are you a member of any professional coaching groups in your area? Do they have anything to do with ADHD?

What is your policy on confidentiality and privacy?

How much do you charge for working with a client and what are your policies?

Are you a qualified mental health provider with experience in anxiety and depression, as well as other related mental health issues?

Are there any previous or present clients I could speak with?

Do you provide a complimentary coaching session? While there may be a price, a coaching trial may be the best way to see whether a coach is a good fit for you.

Step three: Make a list of each coach's responses to these questions, as well as your own impressions of their personalities and styles.

Fourth step. Examine all of the data and choose the coach that best suits your requirements.

Although the area of coaching is still in its early stages, there is a growing body of evidence showing it is helpful as an intervention for people with ADHD. Many teenagers, college students, and adults find that having an ADHD-aware coach may help them face the obstacles of everyday life and eventually learn to coach themselves. Coaches and other experts are strongly urged to conduct research on this growing kind of support for persons struggling with ADHD-related issues, since there is a tremendous demand for research examining the effectiveness of ADHD coaching.