Occupational therapy for ADHD

Sensory integrated treatment is a strategy used by occupational therapists to help children with ADHD who have sensory processing impairment. The therapist uses deep pressure, such as massage or the use of a weighted vest or blanket, to assist the child's sensory system rearrange.The Session of Occupational Therapy

The therapist's first task is to assess your youngster. They generally do it with your and your child's teachers' input.

During the assessment, the therapist will consider how ADHD impacts your child's:

  • Schoolwork

  • Social life is important.

  • Life at home

In addition, the OT will administer a test to determine your child's strengths and weaknesses. Then they'll make suggestions on how to deal with their problems.

The occupational therapist and your kid may do the following during a therapy session:

  • To develop coordination, play games like catching or hitting a ball.

  • Engage in activities that will help you to manage your anger and violence.

  • Learn new ways to perform daily tasks such as brushing their teeth, getting dressed, and eating.

  • Experiment with several strategies to help you focus.

  • Handwriting should be practiced.

  • Examine your social abilities.

  • Work on your time management skills.

  • Set up systems in the classroom and at home to help you stay organized.

Make an analogy that will assist your youngster understand hyperactivity and how to manage it. For instance, consider the "hot engine/cold engine" analogy and how to cool down a hot engine.

Sensory Therapy is a type of therapy that uses the sense

Your child may also be tested for sensory processing disorder by the occupational therapist.

Children with ADHD may have more difficulty processing sights, sounds, scents, and other stimuli than their classmates. However, whether or not this is a true condition is a point of contention. Sensory processing abnormalities certainly exist, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, but they are not considered a separate condition.

The shouts of a fire engine or the sound of a flushing toilet can usually be ignored. However, for some children with ADHD, these sights and sounds are overwhelming.

Some youngsters with the disorder withdraw from excessive stimulus. Others have a stronger desire. They're the ones who can keep swinging and spinning indefinitely.

Sensory integrated treatment is a strategy used by occupational therapists to help children with ADHD who have sensory processing impairment. The therapist uses this strategy to assist the child's sensory system restructure by using:

  • Massage or the use of a weighted vest or blanket provide deep pressure.

  • Swinging, trampolining, or rolling around on an exercise ball are all examples of rhythmic, repetitive activities.

  • Various textures for the kid to feel

  • Listening treatment can help with sound sensitivity.

Sensory therapy can be used as part of a comprehensive ADHD treatment plan that also includes medication and behavioral therapy.

The study of sensory processing disorder is still in its early stages. There is some evidence to suggest that this strategy can help with impulsivity and hyperactivity. However, most experts believe that occupational therapy is the best treatment for children with ADHD who have problems with coordination and organization.