ADHD watch

Do smartwatches help people with ADHD?

High-tech gadgets won't fix all of your organizational issues if you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Many gadgets are expensive, and you can study the owner's instructions word for word and yet have no idea how they function.

The correct ADHD tools, on the other hand, can help you feel less frazzled — especially if you're the type of ADHDer who can spend 30 minutes looking for keys... only to discover them hidden in your pocket or purse.

You probably already know how to use a kitchen timer to keep track of time when you're not in the kitchen. Here are seven additional helpful high-tech tools for people with ADHD:

Clock with graphics

You'll want one of these if you have problems keeping track of the time: a clock with a shrinking red disc that graphically indicates time passing. The crimson pie slice progressively vanishes as the minutes pass. sells the clocks, which come in a variety of sizes. On your computer's desktop, you can install a software version.

Lock that does not require a key

Do you have a habit of misplacing your keys and key finder? You could choose to install a door lock that uses numerical codes or fingerprints instead of keys. Because you can instantly alter the code or fingerprint profiles on these devices, they provide greater security as well as simplicity. (It's ideal for housekeepers, visitors, and anyone else who doesn't want a permanent key.) has a nice assortment of keyless locks.

Watch with a fail-safe alarm

To ensure that they get up, many people with ADHD place their alarm clock on the opposite side of the room. Here's a better suggestion: Your sleep cycles are monitored by the Sleeptracker watch (#CommissionsEarned). You set it to wake you up during a specific time window, and it sounds the alarm when you're in a light sleep phase, making it less likely that you'll fall back asleep once you've been awakened. Visit for more details.

Garage door closure that is foolproof

Have you ever awoken to find that you've left the garage door open all night? sells an automatic garage door closer with a timer that will close the door for you if you get sidetracked and forget. (Make sure the closer is compatible with the type of garage door you have.)

Scanner for business cards

Do you feel as if you're drowning in a sea of business cards? Reduce clutter by scanning cards into your computer and then discarding them. To find a basic model, go to

finder of keys

This isn't just a key holder. You can use them to locate any item that you frequently misplace, such as your TV remote, eyeglasses, or phone handset. Are you afraid you'll put that library book down and forget about it? Attach one of the electrical fobs to the bookmark and you're done. Follow the beeps to the book by pressing a button on the base unit. A basic key finder is available from internet gadget stores like Look at the finders at if you require a lot of fobs. These can be set up to keep track of up to 36 different objects.

Watch with intelligence

Sport watches with multiple functions and water resistance aren't just for athletes. They are frequently beneficial to people with ADHD. You don't have to take it off as often because you can wear it in the shower, so you're less likely to misplace it. Moreover, many models come with several alarms. To stay on track and improve your sense of timing, set alarms for 15- to 30-minute intervals.

Timex (#CommissionsEarned) makes programmable watches that can store hundreds of phone numbers and appointments. A vibrating alarm watch may be the answer if you can't remember to take your medications, go to bed on time, or make many appointments. At, you can get a programmed watch that will buzz many times during the day to remind you to do tasks.