ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is treated with this drug. It works by altering the concentrations of certain natural compounds in the brain. Stimulants are a type of drug that includes methylphenidate. It can help you improve your attention span, stay focused on a task, and manage behavioral issues. It may also aid in task organization and the development of listening skills.

Cotempla XR-ODT: How to Use It

Before you start taking methylphenidate, and every time you get a refill, read the Medication Guide issued by your pharmacist. Inquire with your doctor or pharmacist if you have any concerns.

Take this medication by mouth, generally once a day in the morning, as instructed by your doctor. You may take this medication with or without meals, but it is critical that you choose one method and stick to it for each dose. If you take this medicine late in the day, you can have difficulties sleeping (insomnia).

Until you're ready to take a dose, keep the medication in its original package. Before handling the drug, make sure your hands are dry. Remove a tablet by peeling back the foil layer of the blister pack. The tablet should not be pushed through the foil since it may be destroyed. Place the tablet on your tongue and allow it to dissolve before swallowing it with saliva. This drug does not need to be taken with water or any other liquid. The tablet should not be crushed or chewed.

The dosage is determined by your medical condition and treatment response. Your doctor may advise you to raise or reduce your dose gradually. Also, if you've been taking it for a long time, don't discontinue taking it without first visiting your doctor.

To receive the best benefit from this drug, take it on a daily basis. Take it at the same time every day to help you remember.

You may experience withdrawal symptoms (such as depression, suicidal thoughts, or other mental/mood problems) if you suddenly stop using this medicine. To avoid withdrawal, your doctor may gradually reduce your dose. If you've been on methylphenidate for a long period or in large dosages, you're more likely to have withdrawal symptoms. If you experience withdrawal symptoms, contact your doctor or pharmacist right away.

It's possible that if you use this drug for a long time, it won't work as well. If this drug isn't functioning as well as it used to, talk to your doctor.

Despite the fact that it benefits a large number of people, this medication has the potential to create addiction. If you have a substance use issue (such as overuse or addiction to drugs/alcohol), your risk may be increased. To reduce the danger of addiction, take this medication exactly as directed. For more information, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

If your illness does not improve or worsens, contact your doctor.