Finally focused

Dr. James Greenblatt has treated thousands of children and adults who suffer from the symptoms of ADHD, which include hyperactivity, inattention, impulsivity, and irritability and combativeness. Rather than just giving medication to treat their ADHD symptoms, he tailors treatments to each patient's specific needs, identifying and treating the disorder's underlying causes.

Finally Focused offers tried-and-true natural and medical treatments for issues including nutritional deficiencies or excesses, dysbiosis (a microbial imbalance inside the body), sleeping problems, and food allergies, all of which can surprisingly cause or exacerbate the symptoms of ADHD. Parents will be able to understand the reasons for their child's symptoms using Dr. Greenblatt's powerful Plus-Minus Healing Plan, and then be able to eliminate them by addressing the child's particular pattern of biological weakness. Adults with ADHD can take care of themselves in the same way. If traditional medication is still required, this integrated approach will reduce or even eliminate unpleasant side effects. Millions of children and adults with ADHD will finally get the care they need to attain real wellness because to Dr. Greenblatt's expert counsel.