Brown ADD scales

Brown Attention-Deficit Disorder Scales® are a reliable way to assess ADD throughout time. BrownADDScales accurately screen for and examine the executive cognitive functioning associated with ADHD, based on Thomas Brown's cutting-edge paradigm of cognitive impairment in ADD.

The Brown ADD Scales for Children, which feature a primary/preschool scale (ages 3–7) and a school-age scale (ages 8–12), in addition to the existing adolescent and adult scales, allow you to completely diagnose ADD in people of all ages.


  • Using cluster and total scores, arrive at a diagnostic decision by gathering and integrating important diagnostic information about an individual.

  • In a variety of educational, clinical, and managed care contexts, it's used for screening, as part of a thorough diagnostic, and for tracking therapy responses.

  • In about 10 to 20 minutes, administer any of the 40 to 50-item efficient screening tools.

  • Interpret and connect performance to IQ and other assessment data, including WAIS-III and WISC-III integrations.


The Brown ADD Scales go beyond assessments that solely look at hyperactivity to look for less obvious executive functioning issues. The following are examples of executive function clusters that have been evaluated:

•Getting to Work: Organizing, Prioritizing, and Activating

  • Bringing Attention to Tasks, Maintaining It, and Shifting It

•Controlling alertness, exertion, and processing speed

  • Frustration Management and Emotion Modulation

  • Accessing Recall and Using Working Memory

  • (Children's edition only) Monitoring and Self-Regulating Action

Reporting & Scoring

The READY SCORE® form provides instant cluster scores as well as a total score that indicates overall impairment from a variety of ADD symptoms. T scores indicate how much impairment the examinee has in each of the clusters as compared to a control group. The results show if the person appears to have ADD and might benefit from a complete ADD evaluation.

The Brown ADD Scales Scoring Assistant® simplifies scoring and reporting by allowing you to easily score and evaluate findings from all of the Brown ADD Scales. The software accepts record form inputs, keeps track of many record forms for a single examinee, exports data from record forms, and provides a graphical and narrative report.