ADHD toxic relationships

These tendencies can make both couples dissatisfied, lonely, and overwhelmed by their relationship if ADHD is left undiagnosed or undertreated. They may fight often or, on the other hand, disengage from each other to avoid harm.

What impact does ADHD have on adult relationships?

Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can have difficulties in a variety of areas. When it comes to your closest relationships, this illness can be very harmful. If the symptoms of ADHD have never been properly diagnosed or treated, the severity of the damage is greater.

ADHD symptoms that can cause relationship issues

Distorted Attention:

One of the most typical symptoms of ADHD is a short attention span. This can cause serious issues in your relationship because your partner may feel forgotten or undervalued.

ADHD sufferers may also miss critical information and have difficulty remembering things, leading to irritation. As long as ADHD isn't treated early, it and love relationships are generally two mismatched sides of the same coin that don't support each other.


The second concerning sign that confirms the toxicity of both ADHD and romantic relationships is short-term memory. Even if they pay attentively, people with ADHD have a tendency to forget what they said or promised.

This might cause serious intimacy problems with your partner, as forgetting anniversaries or birthdays is a red indicator that can cause relationships to fall apart. This may make your partner believe you don't care or are untrustworthy to be trusted with anything


People with ADHD have a tendency to speak things without thinking them through. This might harm the sentiments of the other partner and lead to continual arguments between the pair, severing their bond. Arguing with someone who has ADHD only perpetuates the loop of symptoms described above and isn't a complete answer to any situation.

Emotional outbursts are a type of emotional outburst that occurs when a person is

People with ADHD have a difficult time controlling their emotions. This may cause your partner to be more careful of their personal safety, which limits the relationship's openness because no one knows what will set off their rage.